Britannica Travels – The Concept

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Bespoke Educational Adventures

The Beginning

For Thirteen years, we have continued our father’s legacy and hence we have became Hajj and Umrah Specialists.

Taking pilgrims on their blessed journey is not an ordinary travel and requires more effort than a normal holiday. Apart from the extra logistical matters, we take a personal approach in delivering the best experience to each of our pilgrims. This is because everyone is different and everyone has their own needs and expectations, our goal is to strive to rise above them.

Every year, after a successful Hajj journey, most of our pilgrims enquire for holidays in different destinations. They have seen our involvement and dedication to making things happen as they should and now their trust has grown on them, that we will provide for them the best holiday anywhere else in the world.

This is how Britannica Travels was born.

Over the years, we have travelled in around 43 countries and in all our travels we love talking to the locals and other travellers. Local people are the best to gain a proper insight, telling us about hidden gems and the most popular places to visit. This crucial feedback, allow us to create bespoke packages that you won’t find anywhere online. Travellers we meet during our expeditions, give us feedback about their accommodation, what they liked and what they didn’t during their holiday. These are our main resources when creating our excellent itineraries for our clients. Not to mention… our very own experience confirming the above sources and adding that extra touch.

How do you ‘Britannica Travel’?                         

The concept is simple.

We speak to you directly, we like to know our travellers, we want to find out what you like to do on your holiday, whether you enjoy relaxation on a wellness holiday or you are more adventurous and want to explore your new surroundings. Upon gathering your requirements, we work on options that will show you suitable packages and together we will create an itinerary for your dream holiday.

When you book with us, you will be fully equipped with all the necessary information for your travel.

Why Bespoke Educational Adventures?

Bespoke, because we create your holiday package based on your wishes, we take in consideration all your personal needs and we do our very best to accommodate them.

Educational, because we believe that the best way to fully experience your destination is to learn about it; its history, culture, traditions and customs.

We will recommend amazing places and the beauty of it all, is that you will end your holiday but your feelings and memories will continue to live in your heart and in your mind for a very long time.

Adventures, because every journey is an adventure in itself and there’s no fun without it.

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