About Us

We provide solutions. All our work is focused around the client's needs.


Al-Hijaz (Tours & Travels) Ltd isn’t just a Travel company but instead, The blessed legacy left to us by our Late Father Haji Yunus Mohammed Malji (Dayadra).

He became Shaheed during Hajj 2006, whilst in the state of Ihram travelling from Madinah to Mecca with his pilgrims. His shroud for burial was his Ihram and more than 4 million people performed his burial prayer within the Haram Shareef whilst he lay there in front of the doors of Ka’bah.

He is now buried in Makkah Shareef (Al Humdulillah) and we his family, have encompass an extremely important value that if we continue his blessed work through Integrity & Honesty in serving the guests of Allah (swt), we may also get such an incredible departure from this world! (In Sha Allah).


Since 2006, Iqbal Patel our Managing Director at Al-Hijaz (Tours & Travels) has now gained over 13 years of continued experience within the Travel and Tourism sector. Having started this role through attending his father’s burial abroad in Makkah during Hajj 2006, he made it his mission to continue serving pilgrims in performing Hajj & Umrah.

Iqbal worked in several well known organisations prior to this role, already extremely well rehearsed in travelling across the world. Iqbal’s favourite past time use to be, Back Packing across countries and so, his know how and insight within travel is unquestionably first grade.

Every year our pilgrims ask us to organise tours, holidays, hotels and flights for them and their families, this led to us creating Britannica Travels branded by Al-Hijaz (Tours & Travels) Ltd in 2018 which will focus on non religious related travel around the world.

Our experience has also taught us what people like when travelling and whether you’re religious or not – everyone seems to want one thing, Holiday that leaves them feeling rejuvenated!!!


Al-Hijaz (Tours & Travels) Ltd is Fully Licensed by the Ministry of Haj & Umrah in taking pilgrims from the United Kingdom to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Please note that we strongly believe that it’s Quality not Quantity that makes a memorable experience and so we only take a limited number of people each year.


We deliver what we say. You get what you’ve paid for. Our agents in Jeddah, Makkah and Medina always provide exceptional service and we will go that extra mile to make your experience easy and memorable, In Sha Allah.


We will not compromise when it comes to the wellbeing of our pilgrims.

Al-Hijaz (Tours & Travels) shall always continue to fulfil its commitments to this role as a service provider to their clients and guests of the two Holy Mosques.

Our ‘Meet and Assist’ service is the best around. Starting from getting to know you, visa on your passport and taking care of everything throughout your special trip.

Our representatives will meet you at Jeddah Airport and then at the Hotels in Makkah and Madinah.

Due to the high esteem, reputation and sincerity that Al-Hijaz (Tours & Travels) enjoys, it is able to negotiate and guarantee the best prices possible from all service suppliers (i.e Accommodation, Transportation and Catering).

We make it a must to provide affordable packages and pray to Allah (SWT) that our sincere deeds are blessed and accepted.

As this will be the most important journey of your lifetime, we strongly recommend that you talk to us in person and let us know what your requirements and expectations are. If you have time, please come meet us in person!

Why Choose us

We have been established for
almost three decades (1991)
and are one of the the UK’s most
reputable companies.

Our pilgrims and clients
are predominantly referrals
from previous travellers
that have used us.

Al-Hijaz (Tours & Travels)
Ltd is an ATOL protected and
IATA accredited Travel Agency.

We are authorised agents
by the Ministry of Haj &
Umrah by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia